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Pure Choice Skin is an Organic, Holistic &  100% Toxin Free
full service skincare & wellness boutique.

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Lisa Stuart, LME
Licensed Master Esthetician | Holistic Skin Care Specialist | Educator | Aromatherapist
Regenerative Detoxification Specialist | Cellular Health Consultant


Why I do What I do...

At Pure Choice Skin/Pureganic Skin Co.,  a 100% Toxin FREE full service skin care boutique, we believe every little thing matters that comes into direct contact with your skin.  We stand by the philosophy, "IF YOU CAN'T EAT IT, DON'T USE IT!" because anything you place on your hair, face or body will reach your blood stream in 26 seconds or less WITHOUT filtration of any kind!  In today’s stressful & toxic filled world, consumers are hard pressed to find the time to educate themselves about common toxic practices of our current cosmetic manufacturing industry.  In contrast, this precise reason is why it is our passion at Pure Choice Skin/Pureganic Skin Co. to take the time to really educate our clients in recognizing what is truly safe for their family’s daily use, both at home and in the treatment room. 

After a full circle career (15+ years) in the skin care industry as an International Skin Care Manufacturing Education Director, Paramedical Educator & a Clinical Master Esthetician, Lisa Stuart is now the proud founder of Pureganic Skin Co./Pure Choice Skin boutique.  During her career, Lisa began to realize healthy skin really does begin with your daily environmental surroundings and habits which directly affect what is on the inside just as much as what is on the outside AND vice versa.

As a result, Pureganic Skin Co./Pure Choice Skin has carefully designed an extraordinarily pure skin care program that can be customzed to produce results for ANY skin concern, setting the standard above and beyond all others.  This program promotes outstanding results without the need for injecting toxic substances, paying for highly priced treatments or even going under the knife to obtain the benefits of beautiful and radiant skin.  ALL our treatments are not only Organic, Natural, Wild-Harvested & 100% Pure & Toxin FREE,  but also include an array of methodically selected professional tools and equipment that further enhance each individual’s results.  The relationships we hold with our clients have proven to be nothing short of highly regarded & respectful. Lisa, Pure Choice's founder, has established an honest reputation for holistically nurturing all our clients needs and concerns in the most healing and relaxing environment possible.  With Pure Choice Skin, your skin will glow from the SkINside-OUT!

We Offer… 
  • Therapeutically corrective and holistic services with exclusive Bio-Energized Skin Care from Elina Organics
  • Supporting Nutritional, Detoxifying & Lifestyle Integration
  • Cellular healing from the SkINside-OUT with optional supplementation that is native to the body
  • Bio-Kinetic Testing for your Custom Home Care Regimen
  • Signature Face Lift Massage
  • Incorporates ancient healing practices with meditative soundtracks and positive intentions for every treatment
  • Aromatherapy & Transdermal Skin Care Infusions with Certified Pure & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & Hydrosols
  • Organic & 100% Toxin Free (and mostly vegan) Skin Care Products with the highest quality wild harvested seasonal ingredients derived from plants, herbs, minerals and gemstones.
  • Regenerative Detoxification Consultations
  • Custom Clinical Aromatherapy Blends & Consultations
  • Ionic Foot Detox Baths
  • The Chi Machine Facial Experience

Let's start treating your SkINside-Out, book your appointment today!


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Testimonies :-))

My compliment to Lisa  comes directly from friends that remark how nice and healthy my skin looks.  I enjoy my visits
at Lisa's studio, Pure Choice, not only for my sessions, but for how much I learn from her.  She is truly an
impassioned conscientious esthetician and I trust and love her organic products and services.
Michelle Shearouse


Lisa at Pure Choice Skin is awesome!! She is extremely knowledgable and wonderful at educating through out the entire process. Her products, as well as her approach, are completely organic. Her use of the organic, natural products along with the latest technologies is incredibly effective.  
My skin has never felt so healthy, smooth and hydrated.
Thank you Lisa!
Tina Blanco


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